Stump Poisoning & Stump Grinding

Whether you’re making way for fencing, garden landscaping, new lawn, construction or a pathway. Blackwood Tree Service has a specialised stump removal team that can help get the job done!

  • Stumps are a source for attracting pests like termites, cockroach’s even ants.
  • Stump accidents, with children and party goers alike these are a disaster just waiting to happen.
  • Fungi love stumps and it can affect not only nearby garden beds but surrounding trees.
  • Stumps that regrow with epicormic shoots can be dangerous because of their poor adhesion and therefore larger regrowth can be prone to failure.

Blackwood Tree Service stump grinding is a safe and effective method for removing tree stumps.

Stump Grinding is an environmentally-friendly technique which works on reducing the stump to a pulp like state which is placed back into the area, where the stump originated as a soil base.

Stump Poisoning is a cost effective way to stop the tree from regrowing, effectively leaving the stump as a natural garden feature.

Our family service is known for being professional and more affordable than you think.

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