Certain trees are protected by the Development Act 1993. The legislation was amended in 2011 to offer a two tiered system.

  • Significant Trees: trunk circumference >3m
  • Regulated Trees: trunk circumference between 2m and 3m.

Council approvals can be required for either class of tree, if a tree requires removal, pruning or is in the vicinity of development activity. Blackwood Tree Service will be able to assist you in determining if your tree fits into either tier.

There are, however, some exemptions from controls under this legislation.


  • One of 22 species of exotic trees listed in the Development Regulations
  • Located within 10m of an existing building or in-ground pool, unless Willow Myrtle or any Eucalyptus
  • Trees within 20m of a dwelling in a medium and high bushfire protection area or considered dead
  • Maintenance Pruning of less than 30% of a tree crown is not controlled when it is required to remove dead or diseased limbs or branches that pose a material risk.

For help knowing where you stand with your tree, simply call our team at Blackwood Tree Service to arrange a site visit with one of our Arborists.