Pruning trees growing over your boundary from an adjacent property is allowed depending on the circumstances. When the tree is on the boundary with no clear side being the point of growth, where it started growing, it can be considered to be in a joint ownership. In this type of situation both land owners will need to agree on any works that is proposed.

Some helpful questions when approaching boundary tree issues:

  1. Is the tree putting life or assets at risk?
  2. Is the tree owner legally responsible?
  3. What can you, the effected neighbour do?
  4. Is the tree protected?
  5. Does it require removal or maintenance?

Pruning back a significant or regulated tree that is encroaching on your property does not generally require council approval unless it is likely to affect the tree’s health or natural appearance. Always be fully prepared in these matters, contact our Blackwood Services Team and one of our qualified

Arborists will assist you.